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Hey i was wondering what makes dragon mauy thai better than rawai or tiger muay thai?
Or if there was much of a differance between Tiger / Rawai and Dragon?

I hear alot of people talk about Tiger and Rawai so i guess i wanted to know about Dragon. Any help?
Boyd - Phuket Fight Store
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Hey Benny,
im sure MTTT will be able to give you and answer as well.... but for me its like this.
(firstly i have trained @ tiger and briefly @ rawai so i dont have anything against them, each camp has there high points!)
Dragon has a family feel to eat, the trainers REALLY care for you. The place is not over crowded with about 15-20 people in the afternoon classes. All the trainers fight regularly and have amazing skills.
They are thai run and owned and man do they push you....
Most of the people currently training at dragon are fighting so the gym is producing some great talent.
Tiger are the biggest camp in phuket... they have about 180 or so people training at any given time. For me thats a little too much.
They have very good marketing and get many guests from that.
They are not a Thai Run academy (sometimes that makes a differance in there approach) Tiger do have mma so thats a bonus.
Rawai is another big camp with big marketing. Again they can often get very full. I feel sometimes with the BIG BIG gyms that you are only a number... not really a focus point for the trainers to work on you.
So as with everything. Decide for yourself. But dragon deffinately has the goods!
And the outback garden is a sweet place to stay, max and the guys are some of the most chilled out and nicest thai's you'll meet while your in Phuket.
Hope that helped a bit.  - Boyd @
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good to know. I think i will try dragon when i come to phuket. I see the outback garden looks good in photos. Only 2 months until i can come and Kick some pads.
I have heard alot about tiger but i think maybe its a little too commercial. i hope to get that real thai feel.

Sam holloway
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I agree with what has been written. Dragon is a smaller but very good gym. They still have 3 rings and all the trainers and equipment they could ever need, but its so personal and very mucha  family feel.
I loved training with Robert,Yod, Thit, Dang and all the guys at Dragon

I hope one day Dragon can get bigger and bigger to rival tiger and rawai... but still keeping there great training and real thai style.

i have heard both tiger and rawai are american or some other non thai people. I came to thailand to train with a thai camp. So Dragon 4ever!
jon montgomery
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i met a lot of people from tiger muay thai whilst i was training at dragon for one month,most of the people i knew from tiger were booking there private lessons at dragon,i am not going to say that one camps better than the other but dragons reputation in phuket is going from strength to strength every day..really good quality trainers that push you that extra mile,they put so much time in to correcting you on the basics,no matter how good you think you are,once at dragon you will realise how good you can be,what a fantastic friendly and helpfull bunch of guys,thanks to you all..jon mont
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