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FAQ & Important Info

Where is Phuket, Thailand?

 Phuket is an island on the Southwestern coast of Thailand about 12 hours from Bangkok by road and 1 hour by air. Phuket is connected to the mainland of Thailand by the Sarasin bridge which is north of the airport. Phuket has a population of +400,000, and has several towns (Tambon), and cities (Muang), including Phuket City, Patong, Thalang, Karon and Kata, Kamala, and Chalong ( whare the camp is located.). The island is approximately 60 km long and 20 km wide. Malaysia, Burma, and Cambodia border south Thailand.

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How is Dragon Different to the many gyms in Phuket ?

 Dragon is 100% thai run and thai owned. Dragon is not a holiday camp, its a real thai training camp. Dragon has a tough training style and some of the best trainers in thailand, including many champions of amazing skills. Robert Thanawat  (

)is head trainer, this guy is amazingly talented and a very good trainer also.


Dragon is a family of fighters and 'nak muay' (muay thai practitioners) a real tight and personal feel. dragon is never over crowded and will stop the membership flow when they get to busy. The training is generally 1 trainer per 2/3 students! Dragon has 3 rings, many many bags of all shapes and sizes as well as a nice weights area.


The main point is that dragon is REAL, this is not a "almost" Muay Thai Camp. Dragon will push you and will have you learning REAL Muay Thai.

 When is the best time to come to Phuket?

 Phuket has two distinct seasons. The dry season (high-season) and the rainy season (low-season).

 High Season:

The high season runs from November-April and the low-season from May-October. Most tourists come during the peak of the high-season in December., but Phuket's low-season keeps getting shorter and the high-season a little longer.

 Durng the high season, weather is dry and hot with little chance of rain. The sea is calm and flat on most beaches as the wind blows offshore. The average temperature runs 32c-38c with humidity around +80%, and rains about 1-2 days a month. In high-season, prices rise a little for hotels and services as more people arrive on the island.

 Low Season:

Low-season brings the rains and the inshore winds. The island is not as crowded in the low-season, but there are still plenty of tourists. The low season now actualy doesn't stat until late June as many people try to get that last minute vacation or trip abroad.

It can rain a lot in the low-season, sometimes several days in a row, but there are plenty of beautiful and sunny days as well. On average, it rains 2 days each week. (And we don't stop training just because it is raining)The average temperature runs between 26c-30c and the humidity around +50%. The waves get bigger on the beaches and brings the surfers and boogie boarders out to the beach. The low-season is a great time to train with the cool weather, little crowds, and great prices.

 Is the airport far from the gym?

The Phuket International airport is on the north end of the island. Most towns and tourist areas are on the south end of the island. When you arrive at the airport, you will need to take a taxi/van to the gym or hotel.

Taxi is available @ the airport immediately as you leave the baggage claim area and head outside. There is usually a "tout" or salesperson that will offer you a taxi or van to wherever you are going. Prices are usually slightly higher but they will carry your bags to car and have one waiting @ curbside.

Metered Taxi are available outside in the middle of the parking lot.

Standard fares: Chalong @ 650-750 baht

If you make arrangements with staff at the gym, we will have a taxi pick you up and make sure you are not overcharged at the airport.We Change 750 Baht (Fare price+Parking ticket) The gym is about 35 km from the airport. . The Phuket airport is very modern with an info desk, ATM's, hotel reservation desks, and restaurants.

What kind of money do I use in Thailand?

The Thai currency is called "baht" (bot). The baht currently trades near 34-35 baht to $1. Use our currency converter to check against your countries exchange rate. There are banks, ATM's, and exchange booths located all over the island. Transactions at banks and exchange booths usually require a passport for identification. Most hotels will change currency for you but watch the exchange rate as they charge a % fee.

How much money do I need while in Phuket?

Phuket has very reasonable prices on most items. Always try and negotiate a fee for something before buying, especially tuk-tuk's and small shopping plazas. Below are some suggested prices in Phuket.

Training: 8,000-10,000 baht per month

Room: 12,000-25,000 baht per Month (AirCon+Hotwater+TV+Refrigerator)

Motorbike: 200-250 baht per day / 3500-4500 month (depending on style)

Food: 60-150 baht per meal

Beer: 40-100 baht per bottle

Bus: 20 baht/ Tuk-tuk: 200 baht

motorbike- 100 baht FULL tank (4 days to a week)


Currency Converter :

 Getting Around in Phuket: Bus, Motorbike, or Taxi?

 Motorbikes are available for rent and are the most common form of transportation for foreigners and Thai people. Motorbikes are convenient and affordable @ 3500 - 4500 baht per month and are available in standard (shift) or Automatic.

Mountain bikes are FREE with the accommodation at Outback Garden !!! Bikes are a great way to get around locally in the Chalong area, but if you want to go to the beach, shopping @ Central or Big C, ( 5km) a motorbike, taxi, or bus might be a better choice.

Bus service is available @ the bus stop just 100 meters from the camp. The Phuket Bus service operate daily till 6:00 p.m. and is very affordable. Buses run on local routes from on area to another and cost 10-20 baht. For those with a little patience, Buses are a great way to get around and see the island.

Taxi service is available on call 24 hours a day for our guests. The taxi drivers that service the camp will always treat you fairly and have designated rates that are posted for our guests.

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Where to find a place to stay?

 The Outback Garden Bungalow is the no1 option. cheap, nice, relaxed atmosphere, super fast internet and wireless... and 1 min walk from Dragon Muay Thai they offer many packages as you can see on the main website.


More Info :

What do I need to bring?

Other than a passport/visa and ID, it is up to you. Thailand is very humid and you can expect to shower several times a day, so a few change of clothes is necessary while others are being washed. 
There are many laundry services for customers of the gym with fair prices and includes pick up and delivery from the front office or your room (approx 40/50 baht a kilo!). You can place items in small plastic bag with your name. The Laundry woman will pick up laundry daily and it takes about 2 days to be returned cleaned and pressed and in a plastic bag.
Most things you might need can be purchased here in Phuket. Clothes are very inexpensive, as are shoes, sandals, towels, toiletries, etc.

Do I need to bring my gear?

You are welcome to bring any equipment you might need while training. There is a fantastic shop in phuket with all the equipment you might need for training, and they have a full equipment and clothing shop at the gym with gloves, pads, wraps, shorts, shirts, training DVD's, CD's, etc.
Equipment is very affordable here in Thailand and 40-50% less than the price you will pay in Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

 Do I need a visa?

When you arrive in Bangkok or Phuket, you will be issued a 30 day tourist visa at the airport immigration and customs. At the end of 30 days, you will need to leave Thailand and return for another 30 day visa. Actually, it is not as bad as it sounds. However, new laws (October 2006) now allow foreign visitors only 3 consecutive 30 day Visa before you will be required to leave Thailand for 90 days (3 months) before returning for another 30 Day VISA.

Thailand still offers 30/60/90, tourist, Educational VISA for tourists contacting Thai embassies outside of Thailand or in your home country before arrival. (Suggested course for staying in Thailand longer than 60 days)

Visa runs are made by local travel companies that run vans/buses to different border stations in Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia. The visa runs leave in the morning and return in the evening, and they usually stop to eat on the road at a small restaurant. Visa runs cost as little as 1500-1800 baht for a trip to Ranong near Burma (Myanmar) or to Penang, Malaysia.

The trip takes about 8 hours. You cross into Burma via a long tail boat, get stamps at the immigration office and return to Thailand. Quick and easy. Many of our students travel together to save money or just be with friends. Some trips stop for pictures at different and locations.

More Info :

Will I have problems with the language?

While it is not necessary to learn the Thai Language it will help you greatly if you can say a few key phrases, and polite words.

Many Thai people in Phuket speak some English, and English is a required language in Thai schools. Phuket is the best English speaking province in Thailand. Check out our Thai language page for key words and phrases that will help you get by while you are in Thailand. Korp Khun Krup.

 Does the gym train women and children?

dragon is open to everyone, and everyone is welcome. Dragon has and will continue to train female fighters and general students. Families are welcome as are children over 7 years of age. We have Thai fighters that are training daily to become  Muay Thai Fighters No matter your sex or age, you'll be pushed and trained in real muay thai!

 Can I have a real Muay Thai fight while im @ dragon?

Dragon greatly welcomes those brave enough to enter the ring, they will tell you the truth about your skills and prepare you 100% for the ring. Our trainers will prepare you for a real 5-round fight to be held in Phuket, Patong, Ko Samui, or Surat Thani, Ko lanta, Ko Pahng Ngan, + more.
All Muay Thai fights have a referee, judges, corner men, and doctor at the fight.
Gambling is legal in boxing stadiums, so students can place bets on themselves, and others.
dragon take there fighters through a big pre fight prep. shadow sparring on the day, mental preperation.... rub down, massage, linament application, hands wrapped and then they will corner you through the entire fight! you wont be alone at all.


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I am looking at going out to train next year and have not trained in  muay thai before. I do boxing once a week but guess is different ball game to muay thai. how long do people reakon i should send out there to get to decent level? I am initally looking to stay for month and stay longer if need be

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