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Jamie Vlatko
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too many tourist camps n fat camps in phuket.
Good to see a real thai camp, thai run  n with some great fighters around.
Be out soon, was there b4 love it.
War to the dragon crew n hope ta hear of more fighters heading to dragon for the serious training.
Avoid the crowds of half assed training n get some hard, intense and personal style muay thai in2 ya!
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Dragon deff. is no "fat camp" they are the real deal for thai training.
I also enjoy Dragon because its got some amazing fighters and some very hard training. Apparently there are some 16 muay thai camps in phuket ! amazing... but i know for sure Dragon is a class gym. High standard and also has many strong trainers and fighters alike. No slacking off at Dragon.

Jamie Vlatko
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Heya Boyd i think i know ya. u doin the phuket fight shop?
i will see u there when i be headin back.
i love training with Yod n robert. aint nothing like the session @ dragon back here @ home.16 gymz in phuket? f*ck that is crazy. I only knew tiger, rawai n dragon. Thought dragon seemed the best n went there.

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Yeah i run n work phuket fight store with my gf Kannika.
if you come back make sure to drop by.
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