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boyd clarke
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Phuket fight Store is down the path from The Outback garden and off the same road as Dragon Muay thai and Tiger.
We stock everything from mma, boxing, muay thai to fashion clothes, dvd's and more.
best prices in Phuket so check us out when you come to phuket!

or facebook us @ phuket fight store

MTTT Staff
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For everyone training with Dragon Muay Thai and booking with US  or Stay at The Outback Garden Bungalow

get 10 % off   any stuffs from Phuket Fight Store

MTTT Staff

Our Site

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I was wondering because i go to tiger last year and i train pattaya also. every gym has a shop, is this shop bigger or cheaper?
i want to find a cheap place to buy stuff from for home.
boyd clarke
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the prices are mostly all listed on the website
Phuket fight store is DEFF. the cheapest place in phuket be it shop in a gym or any other smaller shops stocking gear (like the stadiums-that are very expensive)
Also phuket fight store is stocking fashion gear (tapout,sprawl,affliction,ufc etc) all the muay thai gear you can think of, as well as a large mma range.
Plus some other goodies e.g. dvds, protein, "special supplements" (
We can also do discounts for bulk orders.... custom mma or thai shorts.... send stuff to your country at a cheaper than normal rate!

Come by n check out the shop.... its cheaper than anywhere else in phuket
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