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I stayed at the Outback and trained at Dragon in April 2010. The rooms at the Outback are basic and clean. The bungalows are centered around a common area surrounded by tropical trees and plants. It really has a home feel and the owners Max and Jan treat guests like family. I loved it!
   The training at Dragon is fantastic! Students start with a basic warm up followed by shadow boxing and bag work. Then it's in the ring with 4 or 5 rounds of one on one training with an instructor. And each of these instructors has had over 200 fights. They know Muay Thai!!!
   If you want to learn Muay Thai come to Thailand and train at Dragon and stay at the Outback!!!
Jason Fitzsimmons
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Cool. Sounds great.
Im heading there 3 days. Ill be staying at the outback garden and training at Dragon for 1 month. I have a broken knuckle, right hand index, i can wear a glove and hit at about 20-30% power, Im sure the trainers will work around my injury.

Where did you eat? What are the class sizes like?


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