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Hi, just wanna ask few question:

1) How to go about booking the training? Will they entertain walk in?
2) Is it advisable to go there alone to train?
3) How much will be the total cost for training and accomodation for 1 week?
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you can book through outback garden for the accommodation and training package.
On the main page there is a BOOKING FORM and also an EMAIL US NOW section.
either skype them or email them or use the booking form.
You can Deff walk in.
about 95% of the people come here alone. its easy to get along with everyone, safe and everything is accessible.
Phuket is very tourist friendly

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i am a little dubious about booking training online in a country that is thousands of miles away! on the other hand i dont wanna turn up and find i cant walk in and start training because they are full!
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