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AJ the Ajaculator
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So im looking at your website and also the site....
Things look interesting. I am also looking at tiger and promthept, but i like that dragon looks really personalised and almost one on one.

How do the classes generally go?
and how often can i fight once im ready?
How much do they pay to fight?
Are the trainers at dragon fighters or title holders?
and lastly
can i come a little bit out of shape and be whipped into shape enough to fight after about 4/6 weeks?
one last question - AJ
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Are there guys there now that fight at a top level?

Phuket Fight Store
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Hey Aj,
im training at dragon now n run a shop-
so i can prob help u out with sum of your questions.
-Classes go for about 2 or 2n half hours.
-If your fit n strong n want to fight u can, usually once a month or even sometime have 3 fights in a short space then have a break.
-Fight pays can vary but i think usually about 5,000 baht
-the trainers at dragon are mostly fighters... robert, Thit, Daeng and couple of others. Robert, thit and daeng i know have all been champions.
-Robert just fought namsaknoi (thailand muay thai great) and just lost on points (but everyone is thinking he won) so a re-match is on the books
-4/6 weeks is a good time to get ready to fight if you train 100% and are dedicated.
And lastly there are about 6 -8 guys fighting... some with 5-6 thai fights and the guys at dragon r getting better n better and beting more thais all the time... so there will be big fights coming up soon!
Good luck n might see you out there
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hello, Thai fighters train for years to learn the techniques of MTT, I am a beginner, how much I learn in 3 months is how long can I stay in thailand? I get a solid base to continue training in my country? How is the training program?
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3 months is a very good length of time, especially when its spent training in a tough gym with real thai style training (such as dragon)
You could easily fight here in thailand by 3 months training. Its up to you. If you train HARD 2 times a day you can be strong, fit and technical.
You can take these skills back home and always come back to thailand to touch up on those skills any time.

Steven Nichos
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I went freakin nutz in that shop. baught up a whole buncha' stuff. did good !
its cheap az chips and i sold a bunch of the mma shorts n tapout shirts back home for good profit.
Thai girl working in there is a little crazy... so be careful cos that girl is a crazy thai.
anyway hope 2 get back ta phuket n dragon some time next year.
peace out
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