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For all martial artists, MMA and especially the dedicated Muay Thai fighters around the world, all can respect training Muay Thai in Thailand. With over 20 years martial arts experience and several black belts in various arts, I have a passion for martial arts to say the least. I just returned back from 2 months in Thailand to train Muay Thai from the heart of it all. No translated versions, no BS, just authentic muay thai training in Thailand. I searched the top 8 gyms for Muay Thai training before carefully choosing the right gym to start with. I finally went with Dragon Muay Thai in Phuket. They are great and you get to train with true champions of the sport. They are smaller in comparison to a neighboring gym which is part of why I chose them. Dragon Muay Thai is geared more for the serious fighter and not like a commercialized adult summer camp like the other gyms do. Each student receives personal attention from the trainers, 1 on 1 training from the top champions of Thailand – Awesome! With this type of focus you get one hell of a workout! (get ice for after though! lol)

If you’re training now in Muay Thai or you have had an interest before, or you’re just going to be visiting Thailand and want to try it out – check out the best Muay Thai Training Thailand has to offer.

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